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Medley: Waymore's Blues / I've Been All Around This World (Cover)

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steffan may
Curtis Buck, W. Jennings / Traditional


Part 1: "Waymore's Blues" from Dreaming My Dreams (1975), Waylon Jennings

Part 2: "I've Been All Around This World" from Reckoning (1981), Grateful Dead

(Yes, that is a Wharf Rat tease...and yes, that is a Cinnamon Girl outro)

I used to hate that the D string went out of tune by the end of this one, then I realized that I kind of liked it...fits the spirit of the medley and the theme of the song...kind of...oh well :-)

"The D string, string of continuity...we're not going to worry about continuity, we're not going to worry about the D string." Col. Bruce Hamptom, Ret, teaching guitar.  Outside Out (directed, written by M. Gordon).