Ordinary Time is an eleven song LP of original music by Steffan May featuring: 

Brett Goodell: drums

Bill Terry: pedal steel

Tom Murphy: mandolin 

Recorded, Mixed, Mastered, and Produced by Gil Stober at Peak Recording in Bozeman, Montana. 


Additional recording by Bill Terry and Tom Murphy. 

Cover art: Jon Bennion


Photography: Nick Ramsay


Graphic Design: Cassie Hutchins 

Track list: 

1. Fouled Up 

2. Dayton 

3. Clarence White 

4. Good Advice from Bad People 

5. Break Away 

6. Ordinary Time 

7. The Low and Lonely Rambler 

8. Another Way To Be 

9. Friends with the Day 

10. Dreams 

11. The Not Quites and the Long Gones 

All songs written by Steffan May. Copyright 2021. All rights reserved.


Take a walk somewhere with "Ordinary Time" playing through some earphones and 46 minutes later, you'll find yourself transported to another place... literally.  You just walked there.  Hopefully, you heard some cool music on the way, and thought about some things.  Maybe you daydreamed about your failures and victories, as well as the roles that fate and your decisions had in the outcomes.  Maybe your mind drifted to a rust belt town.  You might wonder about how your ancestors’ lives led you to where you are right now (walking and still listening).  Perhaps you asked yourself who the heck Clarence White is and thought you might look it up when you get home.  Hopefully, you laughed at least a few times and realized that there ain't no ordinary time. 

Ordinary Time was expertly recorded, mixed, and mastered in beautiful Bozeman, Montana at Peak Recording by Producer and Jedi at the controls, Gil Stober.  It features the fantastically talented musicians Brett Goodell (drums), Bill Terry (Pedal Steel), and Tom Murphy (Mandolin). 

Ordinary Time blends folk-rock, country, bluegrass, and jazz into a Cosmic American stew that tastes as good as it smells.  Let's face it.  You can't afford NOT to listen to this album. 

So please sit back, relax, turn off your social media spewing, terrifying news generating, nightmare scenario predicting, apocalypse-now producing, dumbification device/smartphone (unless you need the phone to listen to the album, which you probably do) and enjoy!  Thanks so much for your interest and support.  Please share this with anyone you think might like it and/or needs to hear it. 

Critics are raving about "Ordinary Time": 

"This album just might be the solution to global terrorism." - Nobody 

"It cured my plantar fasciitis and helped me solve a rubix cube by the time I got to the end. Thanks Ordinary Time!" - Anonymous 

"I thought that music was dead. Robots making stale plastic beats from zeroes and ones. Nothing resembling a melody within a million miles. Then I heard Ordinary Time. That night I learned how to play acoustic guitar, grew a beard, and started recording in my home studio. By the next morning, American Beauty and Workingman's Dead were both finished, and we were back out on the road." - Jerry Garcia 

"Ordinary what? Who is this? Stop calling us. Seriously, stop." - reputable music journal